Ride Pro

Performance Rides

Our Pro Ride classes (designated on the schedule with a “P”) are coached stat-driven training sessions aimed at cyclists and everyday athletes working to improve their power and endurance.

Expect long drills and endurance challenges working in specific power zones with key performance metrics. Most Performance classes start with a short FTP test to gauge your Functional Threshold Power, and the rest of the class is aimed at increasing that power output over time.

We use Spivi technology to give you all the stats and metrics you need. Track your average watts, cadence, speed, distance, watts per kilo and more with detailed breakdowns emailed to you at the end of every class.

Our Performance Ride classes each have a specific focus:

VO2 Max

Top end power intervals and drills above threshold to boost aerobic capacity, using FTP and power zone data.


Mid range power training working under and over threshold to improve FTP and hill climbing skills.


Long efforts around and above threshold to increase aerobic endurance. Ideal for long rides to get ready for longer cycling events.


Follow the profiles of some famous outdoor climbs, or work on shorter climbing drills aimed at increasing your power in the saddle.


General coached, technical performance ride using FTP and power zone data, replicating outdoor cycling drills.

Ride FTP

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. It represents your ability to hold a certain power output over an extended time period (45-60 mins). Knowing your FTP means you can train more efficiently and increase your power over time.

We run FTP test Rides as special events (check the timetable to see if there’s one coming up), and can schedule private FTP tests on request.

FTP classes comprise a long and steady warm-up, an accurate 20 minute FTP test, and an extended cool down.

If you’re training for a specific cycling event, or if you’re just trying to get a better gauge on your progress, regular FTP tests are well worth doing.