Signature Rides

Ride45 & Ride60 Indoor Cycling Class at Evolution Fitness

Ride 45 & Ride 60

Ride 45 and Ride 60 are our signature indoor cycling classes with a bit of everything: power, endurance, speed and fat burn. Filthy sweaty fun.

Torch anywhere from 400-1000 calories a session, with metrics to measure your progress.Don’t be scared of the stats! Trust us: keep coming and you will get stronger, fitter and leaner. Boom!

Ride 90

On Bank Holidays and other special occasions, we run a steady 90 minute ride, a bit like a long training ride around the park. You can do it!

Ninety minutes in the studio is worth four times that outdoors, so a Ride 90 indoor cycling session is the equivalent of a six hour tempo ride outdoors. We award prizes, offer snack breaks and give you just a little bit of extra attention in these special events. Ideal training rides, and a great way to challenge yourself and find out what you can achieve.

Check the timetable and our newsletter for the next Ride 90.