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What is Sweat?

Torch fat with this 45 minute full body conditioning class. Sweat is a high intensity, high fat burn, high energy workout mixing cardio and strength intervals that will – like it says on the tin – make you sweat.

Why Sweat?

Sweat is an incredibly effective way to torch fat, build muscle and improve your general fitness. Alternating between cardio and strength will boost your metabolism, tone muscle and increase your cardiovascular fitness as you work. You could potentially keep burning calories for as long as four hours after your workout, providing you don’t kibosh it by noshing on a donut right after class. Win win.

What to Expect

A combo of high intensity, high impact exercises. Think jumping jacks, burpees, short sprints or quick blasts on the bikes, coupled with strength builders like planks, squats or crunches. Some instructors incorporate more weights, while others focus more on bodyweight exercises. Either way, they’re all guaranteed to make you sweat.


What is Warrior?

Warrior is about finding the inner strength to power through hard physical exercises, building both your mental and physical power and endurance.

Why Warrior?

Warrior is excellent training for Tough Mudder or Spartan-style endurance events. And because we’re alternately working both our anaerobic (strength) and aerobic (cardio) systems, it’s also a highly effective fat torcher and metabolism booster.

What to Expect

Often working in pairs or teams. We’re talking functional, animalistic moves: hangs, pulls, carries, crawls, lifts and slams.


What is Strength?

Evolution’s Strength classes use functional resistance circuit training to build fundamental strength.

Why Strength?

Building strength is fundamental to building power and speed in your other athletic endeavors. Whether you’re a cyclist wanting to up your Functional Threshold Power or Watts per Kilo, a runner or triathlete wanting to improve your race pace, or an everyday athlete wanting to improve your overall fitness, regular Strength classes will give you the base you need to achieve your goals.

What to Expect

Functional lifts and resistance exercises. Minimal cardio burn, instead focusing on technique and form.


What is Core?

Core on! Our Core classes are exactly that – a core-focused workout designed to build a strong foundation for functional living and training.

Why Core?

Your core is your body’s powerhouse. It’s responsible for balance, flexibility, mobility and overall strength. Often neglected but absolutely essential if you want to get stronger and more toned.

What to Expect

A short warm up followed by a solid block of core-focused exercises. A Core class might have you using TRX suspension trainers or resistance bands combined with bodyweight and equipment-assisted exercises like planks, leg raises, twists and crunches.

Fight Club

What is Fight Club?

Fight Club is a circuit-style class workout with classes lasting 45 minutes to one hour, focused on fitness and conditioning.

Why Fight Club?

You’ll work your upper body, lower body and core, while maintaining a high heart rate, making Fight Club great for both strength and conditioning and burning calories. And you get to hit things – a lot – so it’s also a great stress buster!

What to Expect

Based on the training used for boxing, Fight Club stations can include skipping, plyometrics, focus pad work, footwork and abdominal exercises.

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