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Evolution on Tour April 30 - May 1 2020

Evo On Tour | Spring 2020

Join Nick & the Evo Crew in Valencia Following the success of our inaugural Evo on Tour trip to Valencia in 2019, we’re teaming up with Vuelta Cycling Tours again for another fab long weekend’s cycling in Spring 2020. Valencia is hard to beat for cycling – beautiful scenery, incredibly quiet roads, fantastic climate and…


Power Profile Results | Feb 9th 2019

Power Profiling measures your 4D physiology with a series of tests on the bike, allowing you to improve your performance and tailor your training to your specific event or athletic goals. This includes: 10 Second Neuromuscular Power Test 60 Second Anaerobic Capacity Test 5 Minute Aerobic Capacity Test (VO2 Max) 20 Minute FTP Test (Lactate Threshold)…

Evolution on Tour 2019 | March 20-24, Valencia Spain

Evolution on Tour

We’re Heading to Valencia! We’ve teamed up with Vuelta Cycling Tours to create a long weekend’s cycling in Valencia exclusively for Evolution regulars. Location: Valencia Dates: 20-24 March 2019 Price: £1,100 4 Nights 4 Riding Days Ave Daily Distance: 130km Ave Daily Elevation: 2500m Difficulty (1-5): 3 We’ve chosen Valencia because of its beautiful roads…