The Evolution Performance Programme

The Evolution Performance Programme

Are you training for a cycling, running, rowing or triathlon event this summer?  Are you an avid cyclist focused on improving your performance and increasing your average watts?

Whatever your athletic goals, let the Evolution Performance Programme get you ready for your challenge. Six week blocks of specific training sessions designed to:

  • Increase your power
  • Increase your efficiency and cardiovascular endurance
  • Boost your Functional Threshold Power
  • Improve your time trial pace
  • Get you quicker, stronger, leaner and meaner

Whether you’re a semi pro rider churning out 350 watts over 20 mins or a newcomer wondering how you’re going to ride 500KM, we will get you event ready.


What is the Evolution Performance Programme?

The Evolution Performance Programme is a six week rolling series of coached training sessions coupled with regular progress testing.

You can join at any point and tailor your sessions to your event or training goal.

Each six week block begins with a Power Profile Masterclass, followed by specific structured training sessions.


Power Profile Masterclass: Determine Your 4D Physiology

Every six week training block begins with a progress testing Power Profile Masterclass.

Power Profiling uses a series of tests to determine your areas of strength and weakness, allowing you to tailor your training to your specific goals and target the areas you specifically need to work on. This includes:

  • 10 Second Neuromuscular Power Test
  • 60 Second Anaerobic Capacity Test
  • 5 Minute Aerobic Capacity Test (VO2 Max)
  • 20 Minute FTP Test (Lactate Threshold)

These tests are repeated every six weeks so you can test your progress.

Upcoming Power Profile Masterclass dates:

  • Feb 9th
  • March 16th
  • April 27th
  • June 8th

Check the Timetable for additional dates.


Coached, Structured Training Sessions Tailored to Your Goals

Once you’ve determined your 4D Physiology, you can identify areas of potential improvement. All our PRO Ride sessions (designated with a (P) on the timetable) are designed to improve different aspects of your cycling:

★ Mon 19:30 | V02 Max Booster
Mid range intervals and drills above threshold to boost aerobic capacity.

★ Tues 19:30 | FTP Improver
Mid range power training working under and over threshold to improve FTP and hill climbing skills.

★ Weds 07:00 & 19:30 | HIIT + Sprints
High intensity intervals to boost metabolic rate, strip fat and improve power to weight ratio. Ideal for those who have plateaued.

★ Thurs 19:30 | Strength Intervals
Low cadence/high resistance intervals to improve top end power and average watts.

★ Sat 11:30 | 75 Min Aerobic Endurance
Long efforts around and above threshold to increase aerobic endurance. Ideal for long rides to get ready for longer cycling events.

★ Sun 10:00 | VO2 Max Booster
Mid-range intervals and drills above threshold to boost aerobic capacity (as Monday).


How Do I Determine Which Classes to Do?

The Power Profile Masterclass will reveal your strengths and weaknesses and enable us to point you to the right classes for you.

We’ll explain how to interpret your results and use them to tailor your training, and you can book an optional 30 minute consultation with our Cycling Coach Tina, who will go through your results in depth and guide you through how to make the most of your training.

On an average week, we recommend:

  • Two to three indoor Ride sessions
  • One Strength or Core session
  • At least one long outdoor ride

We can also build a bespoke training programme for you to follow. These start at £100 per month, and include performance metrics and analysis, tailored programming, check ins and coaching on a weekly basis.

Monthly Training Plans can be purchased online under Monthly Training Programmes, or email us for more information.


Strength & Core Sessions to Compliment Your Cycling

Building a solid core and strengthening your posterior chain (core, glutes, hamstrings, quads and abductors) will help build power on the bike and improve technique and efficiency. Recommended Strength & Core sessions include:

★ Mon 18:30 | Core
★ Tues 19:30 | Strength
★ Weds 19:30 | Pilates Fusion
★ Thurs 18:30 | Core


How Much Does It Cost?

Each session costs one class credit. Credits are available on a pay-as-you-go basis or on month subscription memberships. Class credits start at £12.50 and full pricing details can be found here.

Power Profile Masterclasses must be booked using a Workshop/Masterclass Credit, and are not included in monthly memberships. Workshop credits can be purchased here.


Do I Need to Be a Pro Cyclist To Join the Performance Programme?

God no. It’s for all levels – we can get beginners event ready or help you add top end power if you’re a Richmond Park regular to take you up a level.


How Do I Join?

Book onto the next Power Profile Masterclass, then sign up for classes using either Pay-As-You-Go Class Credits or Monthly Memberships. If you miss the Masterclass, you can still join, then update your training schedule once you’re able to make a Masterclass.