Power Profile Results | Feb 9th 2019


Power Profiling measures your 4D physiology with a series of tests on the bike, allowing you to improve your performance and tailor your training to your specific event or athletic goals. This includes:

  • 10 Second Neuromuscular Power Test
  • 60 Second Anaerobic Capacity Test
  • 5 Minute Aerobic Capacity Test (VO2 Max)
  • 20 Minute FTP Test (Lactate Threshold)

Neuromuscular (NM) Power

This 10-second power result represents raw sprint power. This is about how effective an individual is at recruiting muscles. A good sprinter will recruit: a large number of muscle fibres, the correct muscle fibres, and in the correct order. If NM power is relatively low, muscle recruitment is poor. This will impact cycling at all intensities and not just sprints.

To Improve your NM Power:

Focus on HIIT and super-sprint training to improve NM power and muscle recruitment. Use the 10-second power result to set sprint targets. Think about the perfect pedal stroke and work on finding the perfect cadence vs gear ratio. Improve NM power and improvements will be seen across the board.


Anaerobic Capacity (AC)

This one minute test represents the ability to deliver short, high intensity efforts. It gives a good indication of how quickly a rider can put down the hammer, recover, and go hard again.  Cyclists putting in repeated attacks to shake off other riders will have a good AC.

To Improve AC:

To improve your AC, go to VO2Max Ride Classes, or Interval sessions.


Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP)

 A sustained effort over five minutes is closely correlated with VO2Max.  VO2Max is the maximum volume of oxygen that can be utilised during exercise (measured in litres/min) and is a product of: how well oxygen is transported to the muscle (Cardiovascular function); and how efficient the muscles are at utilising oxygen. Although there is a large genetic influence on VO2Max, it is still trainable.

Cyclists with a relatively good VO2Max will be able to chase down groups up the road or power up relatively short ascents.  The difference between the VO2max and FTP results will give a good indication of the potential to improve aerobic endurance.

How to Use Your VO2Max Score:

Use the VO2Max score to set targets for interval training.

As a guide:

  • 30-60 second intervals: work at VO2Max
  • 2-4 minute intervals: work at 10% less than VO2Max

Keep your cadence 80-90 RPM and pace the intervals so there’s no big sprint finish. Take the gears off during the recovery time.


Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

 FTP is the maximum average watts you can sustain over 60 minutes, and is thought to represent your Lactate Threshold. This isn’t a “comfortable” 60 minutes; this is MAXIMUM effort over 60 minutes. The 20 minute FTP test is a good estimate of FTP, especially after a 5 minute max effort and a 5% adjustment. A relatively high FTP is a good indicator of aerobic endurance and TT performance.

To Improve Your FTP:

To improve FTP, work at or just below threshold for long intervals (10-40 mins) and push up into 105-115% for shorter interval work. Stick to even paced intervals and resist dropping the gears too much during recovery periods.


Power Profile Results | Feb 9th 2019

Bike Number 10 Sec Neuromuscular Power60 Sec Anaerobic Capacity5 Min Maximal Aerobic Power20 Min FTP
1Paul Cowley1064470267224
2Seb Wood702498330255
3Alex Grieve538375327235
5Steven Ross966533413307
6Daghni Rajasingam565321207156
7Martina Staps391281228175
8Claire Delany292273202144
10Katie Larson371256229183
11Phil McGuigan661562404337
13Mark Hampson855483337264
14Emma Talbott522372280214
15Alex Newman-Burke796463340274
16Agata G377199159116
18Alistair Christie839483402287
19Bronwyn McAlister530264195150
21Victoria Barlow443280211156
22Ian Barlow589417303218
23Shane Gleghorn906541411323
24Howard Farbrother822486368281
25Lou Hosken400258192150
26John Fitzpatrick913738449342
27Wayne Philips604422294231
28Robyn Philips460279220181
29Gregory Main885517373276
30Charlie Glynn556355265206


What’s Next?

1. Determine Your Areas for Improvement

Convert your results to watts per kilo and compare them with this chart. You might be “excellent” in one area and “untrained” in another. Once you know where your strengths and weaknesses are, you can target your training effectively.

2. Pick the Correct Classes for You

All our Performance Ride Classes (designated on the timetable with a P) are coached training sessions work on specific areas. Read more on the classes and our Performance Training Programme.

3. Consider a Monthly Training Plan

If you really want to make the most of your results, let us help you build a training programme tailored to your specific goals. Training Programmes start at £100 monthly. Email us for more information at info@evolutionldn.com.