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Team Time Trial Results | 6 Sept 2019

45 Minute Team Time Trial | Sept 6 2019 SCORING: We award points for individual mileage. The combined points of all team members determine overall team scores, with bonus points for the top three men and top three women: 1st Place: +30 points 2nd Place: +20 points 3rd Place: +10 points Adjustments are based on…


Tour D’Evolution 2019

5 STAGES | 5 DAYS | JULY 8-12 2019 7 STAGES | 7 DAYS | JULY 8-14 2019 The Tour D’Evolution is a competitive indoor cycling event, set over five or seven days, at Evolution in Mortlake. Entry Join all seven stages (Monday – Sunday) or Join five stages (Monday – Friday) or Compete in…


Power Profile Results | Feb 9th 2019

Power Profiling measures your 4D physiology with a series of tests on the bike, allowing you to improve your performance and tailor your training to your specific event or athletic goals. This includes: 10 Second Neuromuscular Power Test 60 Second Anaerobic Capacity Test 5 Minute Aerobic Capacity Test (VO2 Max) 20 Minute FTP Test (Lactate Threshold)…