Our Story

evo·​lu·​tion | \ ˌe-və-ˈlü-shən:
Community funded.
Full of heart and soul.
A neighbourhood fitness studio like no other.
We take physical and mental fitness seriously, but not ourselves.

Evolution means the gradual development of something. A process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state. ⁣The funny thing is, Evolution – the studio, the ethos, and the community – is a story of failure. Failure, insecurity, knock backs, soul searching, low self-belief, misfortune then miracles, higher power, stars aligning, enthusiasm, momentum, resilience, personality, confidence, and self-made success through bloody hard work and force of nature.


Evolution was born after I was made redundant three times in two years following 20+ years as a fair but not great commercial director in sport. I never really belonged in the corporate world and never felt good enough.

Evolution was born after I stopped smoking when I didn’t think I could. After 26 years, I came to see that my habit was me putting off life for fear of failure.

Evolution was born when I realised I had been pointing fingers at others for years, blaming them for my situation when really it was my doing all along.

Evolution was born out of having no job, no money and saying, “Fuck it, I’ll give fitness a go as I haven’t got anything else.”

Evolution was born when I asked the owner of the previous spin studio at 67 Mortlake High Street if she had any classes I could teach.

Evolution was born when three months later my classes were full, but the owner shut the business overnight.

Evolution was born when I refused to admit defeat. I met some regulars, put a plan together, raised money, and signed a 5-year lease. And with shit loads help from an absolutely legendary business partner (thank you, Lizzie), Evolution came to be.


Since we opened on Jan. 13, 2018, we have seen the creation of a headquarters for mental and physical health in SW London. We have seen the growth of the business, classes, teachers, community, friendships, and your physical fitness and performance. We have built an incredible team with incredible skills and attitude.

But what really keeps us going is you. Our members. Our life-force. Our blood. Evolution is you, and it is whatever you want it to be. A place of escape and joy and pain and sweat and cheers. A place of warmth, humanity, watts, great music, great training, and a great spirit of living. A place you leave feeling better than when you came in. Come sweat with us and see for yourself!

Evolution Fitness Studio Founder & Director

The Evolution family
TNE, Evolution Founder and Director
Team Evolution after class