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Ride Pro: 7 Week Training Block

Nov 4 – Dec 22 2019

It’s roughly seven weeks to Christmas so, in the Ride Studio, we have devised a science-based seven week cycling training programme across our Ride Pro classes, geared to help with the following:

It’s designed for cyclists, runners, triathletes or you general fitness bods looking to increase power and endurance. The start, effectively, of our winter training block in the saddle.

If you’re not so much into the science, we still have all our normal Ride classes throughout the week, but this is what the Pro sessions have in store for you (click the image to expand)…

Your Weekly Line Up
  • MONDAY | VO2 Max
    Short, sharp intervals to improve top end power and aerobic capacity
  • TUESDAY | Threshold
    Longer steadier drills to push up FTP
  • WEDNESDAY | Sprints
    Top end explosive anaerobic intervals to improve muscular strength
  • THURSDAY | Climb
    Hypnotic climbs working around your threshold
  • FRIDAY | Power
    High intensity anaerobic intervals, again working to improve muscular strength
  • SATURDAY | Endurance
    Increase your ability to hold power for longer distances
  • SUNDAY | Threshold
    As Tuesday

There are three higher intensity power sessions (M/W/F), three steadier threshold sessions (Tu/Th/Su) and one endurance class every week. A good training programme would include a mixture of these in order to improve fitness, strength and power.

Ideally you’d do four sessions a week, but if you’re working with time constraints then do three sessions, split between between sprints, threshold and endurance. If you can bang in a couple of Strength and Mobility classes, then BOOM!

This is a tailor-made winter cycling training block starting Monday Nov 4th with Test Week. Monday night and Weds night will have a 20 minute FTP test and a 5 minute V02 Max test which will then repeat in Week Seven, so you can track your progress.

It doesn’t matter what level you are – it’s not just for the “Pros.” It’s for anyone who wants to see improvements or just establish strong winter training habits.

Remember remember the 4th of November… because that’s when it begins!

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