Vuelta a Evolución 2019

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5 STAGES | 5 DAYS | SEPT 16-20 2019
2 STAGES | 2 DAYS | SEPT 21-22 2019

The Vuelta a Evolución is a competitive indoor cycling event, set over seven days, at Evolution in Mortlake.



  • Join five stages (Mon – Fri) or
  • Join two stages (Sat – Sun) or
  • Compete in as many individual sessions as you’re game for

Each Stage costs one class credit. Book using a normal credit package, use your monthly membership credits, or purchase discounted Back On It credits (£13 per class, limited availability).

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Scoring varies by Stage. Points are awarded either for rank or for hitting specific goals in challenges throughout each stage.

To compete for the Red Jersey (General Classification) prizes, you must complete 5 Stages Monday-Friday.

To compete for Weekend Champ prizes, you must complete both Stages on Saturday & Sunday.



We’ll be giving away fantastic prizes from Vuelta Cycling Tours, The Vintner wines and Bicycle in Richmond, as well as free Evo classes. Here’s the low down:

Five Stage Combativity Champ: wins a bike service from Bicycle Richmond worth £95

Weekend Champs (top boy & top girl): Win wine from the experts at The Vintner

Individual Stage Champs (top boy & top girl each day): Win goodie bags from Vuelta Cycling Tours.

EVERYONE who completes at least five stages will win a free class at Evolution, valid for the week of Sept 23-30.


Individual Stage Results

Classes are scheduled to include a 15 minute intro & warm up, plus the 60 minute session (or 90 min Queen Stage).

Stage 1: VO2 Max

Mon Sept 16 | 09:30 & 19:30
• Six average watts challenges:
​Two seated
Two standing
Two rider’s choice
• Scored on average watts

2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Stage One Results

Stage 2: Threshold

Tue Sept 17 | 09:30 & 19:30
• Weigh-in required
60 minute average watts challenge
​15 mins seated / 5 mins standing x3
Scored on average watts & watts per kilo

2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Leaderboard Stage 2 Girls 2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Leaderboard Stage 2 Boys

Stage 3: Sprints

Wed July 18 | 09:30 & 19:30
• Six average watts challenges ranging from 4 minutes to 10 seconds in length
• Average watts elimination race
• Peak watts elimination race
• Scored on average watts & peak watts

2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Leaderboard Stage 3

Stage 4: Climb

Thur Sept 19 | 09:30 & 19:30
• Weigh-in required
Multiple watts per kilo challenges:
16 min seated
2 min rider’s choice
8 min seated
60 sec rider’s choice
4 min seated
15 sec rider’s choice
• Scored on watts per kilo

2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Leaderboard Stage 4

Stage 5: Time Trial

Fri Sept 20 | 09:30 & 19:00
30 min distance challenge
12 min watts per kilo challenge
Average watts elimination race
Scored on distance and watts per kilo

2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Leaderboard Stage 5

Stage 6: Queen Stage

Sat Sept 21 | 10:00
90 min session with multiple challenges
Elimination race
Scored on all challenge results

2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Leaderboard Stage 6

Stage 7: The Finisher

Sun Sept 22 | 10:00
• Varying challenges
Reverse time trial
Scored on all challenge results

2019 Vuelta a Evolucion Leaderboard Stage 7

Five Stage Leaderboard

Vuelta 5 Stage Leaderboard

Weekend Leaderboard

Vuelta Weekend Leaderboard

And Finally…

Massive congrats to everyone who took part and smashed one or more stages! Well done to Nigel T, Graham S, Martina S & John F who cranked out all seven stages, and big up our Five Stage Combativity Champ Anne M!

The Tours will be back in 2020…